Top ten tindr no nos

  1. Don’t organise two dates one after the other, especially if they’re in the same neighbourhood… (the drama is real)
  2. Told me who he was in his past life cause he astral travelled (told me who his girlfriend was too)
  3. She met up with a guy who was going to be on married at first sight (don’t do that!!!!)
  4. If you’re poly, don’t talk about your primary for the whole date!!!
  5. She met this guy who was in to strangling sex (very rough night!!)
  6. If they’re pretty, scandinavian, respond within 2 seconds (probably a bot)
  7. If they wanna know your blood type they’re in it for your kidney.
  8. If they quote having children as an achievement that’s a big no no
  9. AVOID ‘good vibez only’
  10. End with a bang 😉


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