Some people sit and focus on their breath; others walk in nature to get in touch with themselves and the world. But for me, I’ve discovered profound connection to the universe through true crime television.

Murder TV is my mantra.

You think that sounds crazy, but its true. In this day and age when everything seems like everyones fault, but at the same time the media is being called fake, its hard to know what’s real and whose to blame.

woman-depression-despair-crying-clutching-his-hands-beh-sad-behind-head-black-dark-background-62678741But murders make sense to me. Murders are meaningless. They can happen to anyone. They have pictures you just can’t fake. And they just go to show you that we’re all equally close to succumbing in our sleep to the random chaotic will of our neighbors, and theres nothing any of us can do about it.

I use to have trouble maintaining a real Zenlike attitude to myself and my activities. I would think, “Hey girl, this powerpoint you’re working on could make or break your career!” or worry whether it was worse to wash or not wash your vegetables, if you wanted a healthy immune system. Doesn’t dirt have good microbes?? It was really affecting my everyday mindfulness. And I’m not proud – but I’ll admit I would mindlessly switch on TV in the background to help distract myself.

200w_d.gifOver time, I found myself coming back to this one channel, which played Forensic Files around the clock. And whaddya know? Pretty soon, all my anxious tossing and turning about unanswered work emails disappeared. I was sleeping better, knowing that theres the totally unavoidable chance that I might die in my bed and the emails won’t matter. And waking refreshed and grateful, knowing I didn’t!

I realized that I wasn’t just watching TV – I was training myself to recognize the constant, unchanging presence of utterly random and senseless brutality in the world. THIS was the idea I was missing – and which has totally transformed my life.

Now, I’ve got the tools to counter lifes daily struggles – and luckily for me, they’re always coming out with new episodes! And if I don’t have a TV near when something stressful comes up, theres always miserably debilitating congenital diseases to read about on wikipedia.


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