What do Meninists Believe?

A true hero: ‘There is a fellow MRA in the New Hampshire State Legislature and his name is Robert Fisher. Fisher is doing what he can to meet the demands of his constituents and the needs of New Hampshire while still promoting men’s tights. Thank you Mr. Fisher!’

Feminists: ‘They promote women-only privileges under the guise of equality at the cost of men’s tights.’

The true goal: ‘This is why, for equal rights advocates like me, the absolute destruction of feminism is the critical first step in securing equal tights for everyone.’

I KNOW BIG WORDS: “What used to be cooperation between sexes is now gynocentric parasitism that inhabits every level of men’s existence, from cradle to coffin. The efforts to enhance the tights of women have become toxic efforts to undermine the tights of men.”

The Revolution and Flammable Nylon: ‘Men’s tights are fuelling the fire.’


Who Needs ‘Em?

True equality: ‘I need men’s tights because gender should not determine the way you are treated in society. (The same reason I need women’s tights.)’

No Kinkshaming: ‘I need men’s tights because I should not be ashamed of my sexuality.’

Maybe Some Kinkshaming: ‘I need men’s tights because I was sexually harassed by several drunk women twice my age and everyone at the party thought it was funny.’

A gift for Him: ‘I need men’s tights because I love the men in my life and they deserve to be treated fairly’

Weirdly specific, dude: ‘I need men’s tights because the type of car I drive does not give you the right to shame me or belittle me.’


How Can One Man Escape?

Support for the nethers: ‘I was so confused at that time in my life, so unsure of myself, that I was especially susceptible to something like men’s tights.’

In the end, it came down to the power of literature:  

‘I looked at the syllabus and saw Masculinities and The Men and the Boys by Raewyn Connell, both about gender from the perspective of men’s lived experiences. I just thought, Well, shit.

I read them and it didn’t take long for my men’s tights to start falling.’


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