Monsanto is probably the original evil company—and by Satan they’re at it again. If science fiction has taught us anything, there’s nothing like leaving human nutrition and its environmental impact up to the whims of gazillionaires.

And while Monsanto’s best known contribution to human culture may still be Agent Orange (from a little thing called the Vietnam War), that doesn’t mean they’ve slowed down in recent years, nuh-uh.

Since rebranding away from arms manufacturing, Monsanto has run the bad-guy gamut from GM food production to Orwellian agricultural monopolisation (complete with a Monsanto clause in US the US legislature that makes them legally immune from, well, everything).

Artist’s rendering of Monsanto being bad.

This is a Marvel supervillain of a company. They’re the ones who pioneered planned obsolescence in food production with their terminator seeds, which are genetically engineered to be sterile, forcing you to buy a new batch every year. They practised a form of indentured service in India leading to a spate of farmer suicides.

And now, with a merger on the cards between Monsanto and German multinational Bayer, it looks like things are going to get a whole lot worse.


“This is a mega-merger of the worst kind,” Tessa Brandt of Green Planet Alliance told demandLIVE. “92 percent of voters believe it will be a disaster for farmers, workers and the environment, and unfortunately they don’t know the half of it.”

What does this mean in effect?

Well, a super-monopoly to stamp out the smaller producers is the first step toward a single, global agricultural system. Without action, the future of agriculture will be sterile crops, inbuilt pesticides and third-world famine.

What can YOU do about it? Contact the Green Planet Alliance, drum up some grass roots resistance, and CALL YOUR POLLIES. That’s what they’re there for, apparently.

Or you can keep eating cheap and cheerful, knowing that with every bite you’re Saturn devouring his own children.


Phwoar, steady on!
#demandCHANGE #demandNOMERGER #demandTAMARA #horroratwakefield

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